What types of damages are recoverable in a personal injury lawsuit?

In a personal injury lawsuit, it is possible to recover a number of damages related to the effects of the injury. The exact nature of the recoverable damages depends on the specifics of the case. Damages that may be recovered include:

  • Medical bills: The cost of medical care associated with the injury, including both medical bills that have already occurred and the estimated cost of future care related to the accident
  • Lost income: The amount of salary or wages lost due to time away from work as a result of the injury
  • Lost earning capacity: Some injuries make it so that the injured person will not be able to earn as much in the future due to disability or other issues
  • Property loss: The value of repairs or replacement of a vehicle or other personal property
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation for pain and discomfort during the accident, or for ongoing pain due to the injury
  • Emotional distress: Compensation for psychological effects, such as anxiety or insomnia
  • Loss of enjoyment: Compensation in cases where the injury renders the plaintiff unable to participate in hobbies and other forms of recreation
  • Loss of consortium: Compensation for damage that the injury caused to the relationship between the plaintiff and his or her spouse, including the inability to maintain a sexual relationship
  • Punitive damages: Compensation awarded when the defendant was malicious or extremely reckless; designed to punish the defendant

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