What types of damages are recoverable in a lawsuit for nursing home abuse or neglect?

In the state of Florida, residents of assisted living facilities, nursing homes and similar institutions are guaranteed certain rights. When a nursing home violates these rights by abusing or neglecting a resident, a lawsuit may be filed to obtain compensation.

A successful nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit will result in a settlement payment or a court judgment for money damages. The damages are the money paid for the harm done. In a successful nursing home lawsuit, an injured person may receive actual damages and, in some cases, punitive damages.

Actual damages refers to compensation for harm suffered by the nursing home resident, and may include pain and suffering, medical bills, disfigurement and disability. Punitive damages are additional damages that are awarded to the injured person with the intent of punishing the wrongdoing of the nursing home by making them pay. Punitive damages are rare, and are only available in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

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