What situations can constitute nursing home abuse or neglect?

Nursing home residents have the right to receive the physical and medical care they need. They are entitled to live free from abuse and neglect.

Abuse may be verbal, physical, mental, sexual or financial. Staff members or other residents may yell at or verbally abuse the resident, place the resident in isolation, use physical or chemical restraints without justification, sexually assault the resident, strike the resident or steal the resident’s money or personal property. All of these actions constitute abuse.

Situations in which nursing home staff fails to meet the resident’s physical needs may constitute neglect. Examples include failures to turn residents in their beds, to take residents to the toilet, to clean soiled linens, to provide medical care, to answer call lights and to provide proper nutrition.

The nursing home has a responsibility to take any reports or abuse or neglect seriously. Professionals who fail to make a report or who retaliate against employees or residents for making a complaint are liable for their actions.

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