What should I look for in a medical malpractice attorney?

If you have suffered an injury that you believe may have been the result of medical malpractice, it is important to consult with an attorney who can properly advise and represent you in a lawsuit, and achieve the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

Knowledge and experience are the most important factors in choosing an attorney. You should only hire an attorney who is very familiar with medical malpractice issues and has a proven track record of obtaining compensation for clients.

Although it is certainly true that a settlement is reached before trial in the vast majority of lawsuits, the way to get the highest settlement possible is for your attorney to be prepared to take your case to trial. At Joyce & Reyes, we take an aggressive strategy in every case, planning to win a large judgment for our client at trial. This strategy not only brings favorable results for those cases that do go to trial, it shows the defense that we mean business, and it results in high settlements for other cases.

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