What should I do if I think my doctor made a mistake that caused my injuries, but I can’t get any answers?

When a person is injured while under a doctor’s care, the doctor and other members of the hospital staff typically will not discuss whether or not the doctor made a mistake, and whether that mistake led to the injury. This is often a matter of hospital policy, as the hospital does not want to admit blame if none can be proven. As a result, attempting to get information about the injury directly from the doctor can be a frustrating, and typically fruitless, affair.

A skilled medical malpractice attorney can review a case and evaluate whether or not medical malpractice is likely to have occurred. If the attorney believes that malpractice occurred, they can pursue the case on the patient’s behalf. This will start with a period of discovery, and the attorney will use this period to gather all relevant medical records and enlist the assistance of expert witnesses to evaluate them. From there, the attorney will attempt to reach a settlement.

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