What should I do if I suspect that my loved one is being abused or neglected in a Florida nursing home?

Even though it is a horrible thing to think about, nursing home abuse and neglect does happen too often and, unfortunately, is a common occurrence. If you believe a loved one is a victim of abuse, neglect or was injured in some way by the negligence of the nursing home staff, you need to address the situation immediately. Not only will this stop the abuse or neglect, it will also possibly help stop abuse and neglect of other residents in the nursing home. Frequently, staff members who abuse one resident, usually abuse others.

With the help of an experienced nursing home lawyer, you and your loved one can hold the nursing home responsible for its actions. The main thing that an attorney can do is to put a stop to the abuse or neglect and put the nursing home on formal notice to cease and desist. Further, an attorney can be the family’s liaison with any regulatory agencies that need to be informed of the abuse or neglect. The attorney can also facilitate contacting law enforcement authorities and request criminal charges to be filed if the abuse and neglect warrants it. If necessary, an experienced nursing home attorney can also help in removing the resident from the nursing home if there is a risk of further harm to your loved one.

The nursing home attorney can also immediately begin investigating and gather evidence that would support a possible civil lawsuit. Other things the attorney will do are as follows:

  • Gather any physical evidence of the abuse or neglect;
  • Take photographs of any injuries such as bed sores, bruises or broken bones;
  • Obtain medical records for treatment of past injuries that might show a pattern of abuse;
  • Interview any witnesses that might corroborate the abuse or neglect;
  • Hire an expert on the rules and regulations that cover how nursing homes are supposed to treat and care for its residents. This expert will be able to testify at the civil trial about all of the violations committed by the nursing and its staff that lead to the injuries.

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