What should I do after a Tampa car accident?

The first step after a car accident is to make sure that you and the other people involved in the accident are safe. It is always the number one priority to seek medical attention if needed.

Next, document the scene if possible. Documentation can be invaluable if it is eventually necessary to file a lawsuit. This step is as simple as taking pictures of the damage to both cars and of any relevant context for the scene.

Within 24 hours, you’ll need to report the accident to your insurance company. When you contact your insurance company, a representative will ask you to provide the details about what happened, as well as factual information, including the police report number.

Finally, if you think you may have a personal injury case, contact an attorney about your case as soon as possible. The attorney can help determine whether you have a case and take the first steps to filing a claim.

If you have been in an accident, contact Joyce & Reyes to discuss your case.

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