What rights do Florida nursing home residents have and what are nursing homes required to do?

State and Federal laws and regulations list out certain rights that apply to nursing home residents. They also set out what is required by nursing homes in fulfilling their duties to the residents under their supervision. Here are some of the rights and responsibilities:

  • Residents have the right to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity.
  • Residents should not be subjected to any form of psychological, emotional, physical or financial abuse.
  • Residents should receive all of the treatment and care that is reasonably required for them to maintain health and wellness.
  • Residents should be allowed to obtain treatment by a doctor of their choosing and receive medications from a pharmacy of their choosing.
  • Residents should be allowed to engage in health care planning such as Advanced Healthcare Proxies, Power of Attorneys and Do Not Resuscitate documentation.
  • Residents should be allowed to participate in community activities for enjoyment such as religious services and social gatherings.
  • Residents’ communications should be kept private, including unopened, uncensored mail.
  • Residents should be allowed to have uncensored telephone conversations.
  • Residents should be allowed to present complaints without the threat of repercussions.

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