What is negligence?

“Negligence” is a legal term that refers to a failure to act appropriately in circumstances where that failure causes injury to another person. Negligence can occur in a wide range of situations, from car accidents to property accidents to medical malpractice and more.

In general, every person is expected to act with reasonable care, avoiding actions that could foreseeably cause injury to others. For example, a reasonable person would know that not stopping at a stop sign could result in a car accident. If a car accident occurs because one driver failed to stop at a designated stop sign, he or she may be found negligent — and may be held liable for injuries and damages as a result.

Health care professionals are held to a higher standard than the general public. A doctor is held to the standard of what a reasonable physician would do in the same situation, a nurse to the standard of what a reasonable nurse would do.

If you were injured because of another person’s behavior, you may be able to obtain compensation for the losses associated with your injury. Joyce & Reyes would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation about your personal injury claim.

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