What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is an arrangement for paying a lawyer in which the lawyer receives a percentage of the money the client receives after the case is resolved. Contingency fees are most commonly used in personal injury cases, but they may also be used in other types of litigation. Other types of fee arrangements include hourly fees and per-case fees, both of which the client pays upfront.

Contingency fees are advantageous for clients in many cases. Often, the cost of representation would be overwhelming if it was due out of pocket. A contingency fee arrangement helps to level the playing field, allowing people to face businesses or individuals with greater resources in court.

The nature of contingency fees means that a lawyer only gets paid when a case is successfully resolved. You can be confident that your attorney is taking your lawsuit on because he or she believes you have a strong case. The lawyer also has a strong motivation to aggressively pursue as high a settlement as possible.

Joyce & Reyes represents all personal injury clients using a contingency fee arrangement. The exact percentage we collect depends on the nature of the case and will be determined during the consultation.

If you are interested in representation for your legal needs, please contact Joyce & Reyes for a free consultation.

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