What if I was partly at fault in an accident?

If you were injured through the fault of another, then you deserve compensation. This is true even in cases in which you were also partly at fault.

The state of Florida’s law for such situations is called “comparative negligence.” In cases where the injured person filing a lawsuit is also partly at fault, the recovery is simply reduced by the percentage for which the plaintiff is at fault. For instance, if you were seeking compensation from a driver who was 90 percent at fault for the accident (and you were, therefore, 10 percent responsible), your recovery would be reduced by 10 percent.

In a similar way, two or more other drivers may each be partly responsible for an accident in which you were injured, so it may be necessary to file a claim against more than one insurance company.

In any of these situations, it is extremely important to have an experienced personal injury attorney representing your interests. For more information, contact Joyce & Reyes for a free consultation.

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