What happens during a car accident lawsuit?

Car accident lawsuits are filed in cases where one party sustained serious damages as a result of the crash, and the compensation from insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover those damages. The first step in a car accident lawsuit is to hire an attorney. The attorney will help you file a claim and deal with the other party’s insurance company.

After a lawsuit is filed, there is a period of discovery, in which both sides collect and share evidence. The discovery may include information from both insurance companies, the police report, bills, financial statements related to the accident and medical records. Interviews with the people involved in the car crash and any witnesses present may be performed. It may also be necessary to bring in expert witnesses, such as a physician who can attest to the severity of an injury.

Based on what is uncovered during discovery, a settlement offer may be made. If no settlement is reached, then the case goes to trial. At trial, both lawyers present the jury and/or judge with their side of the case. A decision is made, and an award may be ordered.

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