What does my PIP insurance policy cover?

Florida has what is called a “no-fault” state when it comes to medical bills and automobile accidents. What this means is that when you are injured in a car crash and have medical bills, no matter who’s at fault in the accident. The law requires that every driver have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on their automobile insurance policies. Everyone is required to purchase $10,000 worth of coverage —no less and no more.

This $10,000 worth of coverage will pay for virtually all types of medical procedures that are necessary to bring you back to health after your car crash. One of the interesting aspects of Florida’s PIP scheme is that it will only pay for 80 percent of your medical bills. The 20 percent that is left over will be your responsibility. However, if you have health insurance, that policy should be able to cover the balance.

Another interesting aspect of the PIP policy is that if the treatment is considered an emergency then the insurance company has to use the whole $10,000 if necessary. If it is not considered an emergency then you will only have $2,500 available for treatment.

The last thing your PIP insurance will cover is 60 percent of your lost wages. This also will include the cost of doing services that you would normally do but cannot now do because of your injuries. For example, if you have to hire someone to clean your home because you cannot due to your injuries, then the cost of this service will be covered by PIP, obviously subject though to the $10,000 cap.

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