Should I give a statement to an insurance adjuster after a car accident?

If you were injured due to the fault of another driver in a Florida car accident, do not give a statement to an insurance adjuster without an attorney present. Insurance adjusters, especially the ones that represent the at-fault driver, are not your friend. They do not look out for your best interest. The at-fault driver’s insurance company has a team of adjusters, lawyers and investigators that will do anything to make sure you will get the least amount of compensation for your injuries.

Sometimes, your insurance company adjuster will call you after an accident and want to take a recorded statement about how the accident occurred and what type of injuries you sustained. You should not give a recorded statement even to your insurance adjuster, especially without your personal injury lawyer present. Insurance companies want to settle quickly and for little money.

After a car accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyers at the Joyce & Reyes Law Firm have been helping injured victims of car crashes in Florida for decades. If you have been injured in a car accident, please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Joyce & Reyes at (813) 251-2007. The initial consultation is free.

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