How should I choose a car accident attorney?

Anyone injured in a car accident that was another driver’s fault should seek advice from an attorney. Choosing the right attorney can have a big effect on the outcome of your case.

The factors that matter most are the attorney’s experience and track record. When seeking the advice of a car accident attorney, do not be afraid to ask about their experience and whether they have had good results in cases similar to yours.

Any attorney can file a lawsuit and then recommend you take the insurance company’s first settlement offer. However, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will have an aggressive strategy to obtain the highest possible judgment or settlement in your case.

A large judgment can only be obtained by an attorney taking a case to trial, and large settlements are obtained by attorneys who are willing to take cases to trial. Robert Joyce, our main litigator, has tried more than 200 civil jury cases, often achieving judgments in excess of one million dollars.

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