How should I choose a brain injury attorney?

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury that was the fault of another person or institution should seek the advice of an attorney familiar with such cases.

Knowledge and experience are key to choosing a brain injury attorney. Brain injury lawsuits are complex, and only an experienced attorney can achieve the best results. In addition, your attorney should not be afraid to take your case to trial, and should have a strategy for winning a large judgment for you. This is not only essential for cases that do go to trial, it is also the best strategy for obtaining a large settlement in cases that settle.

At Joyce & Reyes, we take an aggressive approach, planning for trial in every case, and creating a strategy to take advantage of fee-shifting. In cases where we make an offer to settle and the final judgment is more than 25 percent of that offer, the other side can be forced to pay your attorney’s fees. This means that in some cases, our clients may keep the entire judgment amount for themselves.

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