How do I obtain an Uber or Lyft driver’s information in order to pursue a claim in small claims court?

After an accident occurs, you should inform the police and ask them to issue a formal report that includes the name of the Uber or Lyft driver as well as their insurance information. Also, make sure to note down the driver’s contact details. The driver is required to remain at the crash scene until the police arrive.

Make a note of the driver’s information from the Uber or Lyft app. Hold on to email confirmation of your Uber or Lyft ride. You can also take a screenshot of the ride-share app showing your receipt on the phone from which the ride was ordered. This is important proof that you took the ride.

The insurance coverage for ride-share drivers is dependent on whether there is a passenger in the vehicle or not. If the driver fails to provide a proper receipt for the ride or cancels it altogether, the insurance company may try to limit the claim.

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