How can I find out how much my medical malpractice case is worth?

If you suffered an injury or illness that you believe was the result of medical malpractice, it is important for you to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation, and the best way to learn the value of your case is to talk to an attorney.

People want to know how much their medical malpractice lawsuit is worth. The fact is, every case is different. There are many factors that go into determining a lawsuit’s value, so it is impossible to make a blanket statement.

One significant factor is the seriousness of the injury you suffered. An injury that results in death or a lifelong disability is more likely to result in a larger award or settlement, compared to a less serious injury. Other significant elements are any lost wages or loss of earning capacity that result from your injury, and any medical bills for treatment of your injury after the malpractice took place.

In addition, the circumstances of the injury are very important, including how it was caused. During the discovery phase of the lawsuit, your attorneys will demand that the medical providers involved produce evidence of what happened. Consulting with an attorney is the best way to learn the value of your case. Do not delay, as there are strict time limits for medical malpractice lawsuits.

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