Can I sue if I was injured in a truck accident?

Collisions involving trucks can be especially dangerous, because the size of the vehicle can result in more serious injuries or even death. Semitrailers or even delivery trucks are heavier and therefore can cause more harm than other vehicles. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident, Joyce & Reyes may be able to help you obtain compensation.

After any serious accident, you should call the authorities, seek medical attention, and gather information from the other driver and any witnesses. Then you should call Joyce & Reyes. Our attorneys can advise you of your rights and let you know whether a lawsuit is in your best interest.

In a collision between two cars, the driver who is at fault and their insurance company can be held responsible. In the case of a truck accident where the truck driver is at fault, it is often possible to hold the driver’s employer responsible as well. It is important to hire a firm such as Joyce & Reyes that has extensive experience with such cases, to ensure that you are able to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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