Can I sue a nursing home for neglect or abuse?

When we entrust the care of older family members to a skilled nursing facility, we know that the nursing home administration and staff members are bound by law to uphold a certain standard of care. Unfortunately, it is too often the case that that trust is broken, and seniors are the victims of neglect or abuse. If your loved one has suffered because of nursing home abuse or neglect, then it may be possible to obtain compensation for that harm.

Neglect can take the form of failing to monitor the medical needs of residents, failing to respond to complaints, or failing to meet the proper standard of nutrition and hygiene for residents. Abuse can include verbal and physical attacks, withholding water or food, and financial abuse including the misuse of residents’ personal funds. Actions like these constitute a breach of the nursing home’s duty of care.

If such mistreatment contributed to a physical or emotional injury, a lawsuit may be appropriate. The compensation that may be gained by filing suit against the nursing home at fault can help immensely with a family’s ability to place their loved one in a safer environment.

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