Traumatic brain injuries to children while at daycare

Daycares and other childcare facilities are necessities to many parents and guardians of children not yet in school. Some childcare facilities take care of children afterschool who would otherwise be home alone. Florida law defines childcare as the care, protection and supervision of a child for less than 24 hours a day regularly for payment or fee. Daycares supplement parental care via supervision and interactions such as recreation, education and provision of food for a limited time of the day.

Childcare facilities usually have more than five children in their care that are not related to the operator of the facility. At times monitoring and caring for multiple children at a time can become overwhelming. Situations may occur in which one or more daycare worker violate their duty to care to the children at the daycare. Breach of these duties can result in an injury such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A traumatic brain injury is often the result of a bump, blow or jolt to the head. Children are at a higher risk for a TBI than adults. Consider the case of children at a Florida daycare. The daycare management found video of one of their employees hitting and abusing the children in their care. Ultimately, the worker was charged with child abuse.

The Florida case illustrates a serious case of child abuse than could easily lead to TBI or other injuries.

If you or someone you love suspects abuse or their child sustained a TBI at a daycare center, then you could file a criminal or civil case. Parents and guardians have a right to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for resulting medical bills and pain and suffering.