Electric scooters are entering busy no-ride zones in Tampa, says report

Electric scooters have enjoyed popularity since they were first introduced in Tampa in May 2019. However, safety concerns still persist about this new mode of transportation despite the pilot program’s overall success.

Under the program’s guidelines, people are prohibited from riding the scooters on the Riverwalk, Seventh Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard, which are among Tampa’s busiest walkways. However, the four scooter companies operating in the city have been inconsistent when it comes to complying with the no-ride zone restrictions.

According a City of Tampa report, scooter users entered no-ride zones over 1,150 times during September and October. The Riverwalk accounted for two-thirds of the violations. Lime had the most offenses with 425.

A Lime spokesperson said the company has been working on rider safety and focusing on keeping riders out of no-ride zones. The reason for the high number of violations could be because Lime scooters do not fully brake when entering banned areas. Instead, they slow down to three miles per hour.

Some of Tampa’s most popular running paths and major pedestrian walkways are overcrowded as it is. Adding scooters to the mix poses potential safety issues in congested areas that are full of walkers, runners and bikers.

Electric scooter companies are working on better enforcement of rules and scooter integration into cities. In the meantime scooter riders, bicyclists and pedestrians should continue to be cautious and vigilant to ensure everyone stays safe.

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