3 essential tips for driving safely at night

No matter how experienced a driver you are, getting behind the wheel of a car at night is inherently less safe than driving during daylight hours. Over half of all driver deaths occur after sundown, according to the National Safety Council. In addition, nearly 75 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents take place after dark.

Without question, drivers need to be extra cautious when driving at night. A proactive approach to nighttime safety can help drivers protect themselves, their passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. Here are some key safety tips to remember when driving after sundown:

Avoid distractions

While distracted driving should be avoided at all times, it has the potential to be even more dangerous at night. Texting, eating, adjusting the radio and other distracted behaviors while driving can take your attention off the road. In addition, your reaction time is likely to be slower at the end of the day, increasing the risk of serious accidents.

Check vehicle lights

Make sure your vehicle’s headlights and taillights are working properly and aimed correctly. When driving at night, you should be able to see what’s on the road and be visible to other drivers without blinding them. Use your car’s high beams to improve visibility in rural areas or on poorly lit roads, but be sure to turn them down when you see an oncoming vehicle.

Reduce driving speed

Drivers are likely to be less alert at night. Even with headlights, it can be hard to see the road ahead. As a result, it is best to lower your speed and avoid tailgating when driving in the dark. Driving at slower speeds gives you more time to react to animals, pedestrians and potential road hazards that can be difficult to see at night.

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