Nursing home closes after resident attacks another resident

The question of the elderly’s safety within nursing homes is again in the spotlight with another offense at Good Samaritan Retirement Home in Williston, Florida. A recently exposed video reveals a resident of the Good Samaritan nursing home beating another resident, a helpless 86-year-old with dementia.

The video shows the 52-year-old resident punching the other man over 50 times within the span of two minutes, apparently over a stolen cupcake. The attack occurred in a secured common area that was unsupervised. The video surveillance for the unit was also unattended at the time of the incident.

The staff arrived at the scene of the beating a half a minute later. The 86-yer-old resident was sent to the hospital with a bruised and swollen face and hip pain.

The resident who beat the elderly man had been suffering from traumatic brain injury. He had already been arrested on multiple occasions for assault and battery. Because the man had been determined mentally incapacitated, he was not sent to jail and was not arrested for the beating on due to his limited capacity, according to the police report.

The man, whose name is unreleased, came to Good Samaritan in 2015. According to the staff of the nursing home, he had not shown visible aggression since he had been admitted. He was evaluated after beating the elderly man and later was allowed to come back to Good Samaritan.

Once he returned to the facility, he was given constant one-on-one supervision. However, the report by the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration claims that “there was no evidence that the staff had been trained on the scope of such responsibilities.”

Under the Florida Health Care Association, assisted living facilities and nursing homes are required to have staff training programs focused on understanding and preventing neglect and abuse, including abuse perpetrated by another resident.

Good Samaritan has recently been shut down after a long history of abuse and neglect violations.