Nursing assistant sentenced to jail in Florida nursing home abuse case

Nursing home abuse and neglect was at the forefront of a recent case in which a former certified nursing assistant in Florida received a five-month jail sentence and five years of probation for the abuse of a nursing home resident, which was caught on a hidden camera.

The Florida woman was charged with battery on the elderly after video from the hidden camera showed her and another nursing assistant abusing a 76-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. The incident occurred at a nursing home in Winter Haven, Florida.

The nursing assistants are shown in the video footage hitting, kicking and taunting the nursing home resident on three occasions in 2014. The other nursing assistant previously received an 18-month prison sentence and five years of probation.

The family of the nursing home resident noticed bruising on the man’s body, which led them to place a hidden camera in his room, inside a clock. The man has since passed away.

The nursing assistant’s sentence also includes forfeiting her nursing license, writing a letter of apology to the man’s family, and undergoing a 26-week batterer intervention program.

The case was influential in a movement by the legislatures of several states to allow hidden cameras in the rooms of nursing home residents.

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