Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

The rainy season and hurricane season are upon us in Florida. When the roads are wet, auto accidents are far more likely. Problems from visibility to traction to traffic contribute to hazardous conditions. Many of the car accidents in the cases we handle occur on wet roads. Here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent accidents in the rain.

Most importantly, slow down. Your tires have less grip on wet roads, so it takes a longer distance to stop. Your visibility is reduced in rain, so you cannot see as far ahead as you would in clear weather. Always allow extra time to reach your destination when rain is in the area.

Increase your following distance. A following distance of three seconds is generally advised under good conditions, so increase that to at least four seconds.

If you reach a large puddle that could be very deep, take another route if at all possible. If you feel you must proceed, go very slowly and watch the depth out the side window. If the water reaches the bottom of the doors, stop and back up or you risk serious damage to your car.

If your windshield wiper blades are getting old, the beginning of the rainy season is an ideal time to replace them.

If your car begins to skid, steer into the skid – that is, steer in the direction you want to car to go. If your car has anti-lock brakes, brake firmly; if not, avoid braking until you recover from the skid.

An extra ounce of prevention will help keep yourself and those around you safe when Florida’s rain showers come.