Florida High School Student Struck by Motorist

A high school student from South Fort Myers was reportedly hit by a woman driving a Toyota Tacoma in the predawn hours last Thursday. It is not clear exactly what caused the accident. The driver admitted to being aware of having hit something, but claimed to be unaware that it was a person.

A man on his way to work came upon the injured girl, age sixteen, and noticed she was barely able to breathe. He called 911 and stayed with her, reporting later that he worried that she was going to die before medical care arrived. He said the driver was no longer in sight, but pieces of the vehicle were scattered about the scene. Other teens were also nearby, also calling for help.

Authorities said the driver’s failure to remain at the scene of the accident could result in two felony charges against her.

Florida Highway patrol said they do not believe either cell phone use or alcohol contributed to the accident. The truck was reportedly traveling under the speed limit. Even absent those factors, however, the smallest distraction may be enough to cause an accident. This is especially true at night and during twilight hours. Insufficient street lighting can also play a role. The 911 caller commented to reporters that he wished the area where the accident occurred had better lighting.

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