Documentary Film Illustrates Elder Abuse Lessons

Everyone knows Florida is a retirement magnet for seniors, and because they tend to flock here in large numbers, there are many nursing homes for them. Where there are large numbers of nursing homes, there is also the potential for abuse.

Typically, such abuse may be thought of as physical, such as striking or pushing. Neglect is another type of abuse, as many nursing home occupants need a great deal of attention and care, and staff are often stretched thin. Financial abuse can occur in nursing homes as well. Recently, a documentary about famed actor Mickey Rooney illustrated some of the financial abuse issues in nursing homes. Rooney was invited to testify before Congress about the financial abuse he suffered at the hands of his own family.

The film’s producer, Pamela Glasner, had a personal brush with a similar form of abuse. While Glasner’s father was residing at a Florida nursing home, a stranger to the family represented himself to the nursing home as Glasner’s brother. The man was intent on stealing Glasner’s father’s money, and knew that when seniors call police, they are likely to be presumed confused, and their complaints dismissed.

Glasner also said that some perpetrators of elder financial abuse target churches with large congregations of seniors to identify potential victims. The heartlessness of these criminals is chilling, and they are too often successful in their schemes. Seniors often live in social isolation and have no one to reach out to if they are being targeted for abuse. Moreover, if they are suffering from any mental decline such as memory loss, they may not even understand that they are victims.

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