University of Central Florida Appealing Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The University of Central Florida’s Athletic Association was successfully sued by the family of Ereck Plancher. They were awarded ten million dollars in the lawsuit they filed due to the death of their son during a UCF football practice. He was one of their players and died in March of 2008.

The lawsuit argued there was negligence on the part of the university because they knew he had sickle cell disease but he was allowed to participate in the practice. It was reported that the family’s attorneys said during the practice when the nineteen-year-old died, the coach had ordered waters and trainers off the field.

Plancher went into cardiac arrest, which an autopsy later revealed was caused by complications of sickle cell trait.

The university is appealing, saying that they didn’t get a fair trial. They also claim the judge ruled in error and the ten million dollar amount should be much less.

It has been noted that spring workouts can be grueling, to the point where they could be dangerous. At the University of Iowa players were told to do squats until they dropped from exhaustion. This information should not be interpreted as a reason to say such extreme workouts are healthy. Though they might be too common, they can also do harm. The extremism that shows up in some sports can lead to career-ending injuries to joints and brains.

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