Wrongful Death Litigation Shows How Caregiver Needed to Pay More Attention to Patient with Special Needs

Caregivers are responsible for their patient’s care and deviating from a standard of care can leave a patient in harm’s way. In Tampa, a recent wrongful death lawsuit shows how even a momentary lapse of judgment can create an irreversible tragedy. A mom had an adult son with Down Syndrome and once a week he would go to a caregiver’s home. This gave the mom time to run essential errands.

One day, the caregiver that worked for a company that helps individuals with special needs decided to pick some fruit on the side of the road. Not looking after the Down Syndrome man, she picked the fruit, only later to find the man missing from waiting for her in the car. One day later they found him floating in the Hillsborough River.

Had it not been for the carelessness of the caregiver, the man would have returned home safely to his mom. Especially when someone has special needs and different mental capacities, the caregiver should only have one focus – the patient. Unfortunately, all the family can do now is uphold their beloved’s rights and make the guilty party accountable for their actions in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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