Brain Injuries in Youth Athletes Spark Important Lawsuits and Legislation

Football injuries can wreak havoc months and years down the road. Concussion-related injuries can especially create lifelong struggles and the need for extensive medical care. A recent settled case in San Diego is important to know even in Tampa Bay. From youth to high school football, and even pro football, helmet-to-helmet hits can be catastrophic. Especially if peer pressure, coaches, and trainers cave in to machismo and don’t properly try to prevent further damage from happening, athletes suffer.

In the San Diego case, a high school athlete who can now only communicate through a keyboard was awarded $4.4 million from the school district in the settlement. The Florida Legislature has approved a bill for more medical scrutiny for youth athletes before they are allowed to go back in the game.

Gov. Rick Scott still needs to sign the bill. When this becomes a law, a doctor will have to evaluate and sign off on the athlete returning to practice or playing football games. Coaches will take an online awareness course about concussions, and parents will sign consent forms about the risks of football and concussions.

The National Football League has been under pressure as well due to high-profile lawsuits stemming from concussion-related injuries. Former pros and their loved ones say concussions led to suicides, dementia, disabilities, and other expensive lifelong injuries.

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